The Indian Drama Pinjarra khubsurti ka

The Indian Drama Pinjarra khubsurti ka (5)

Pinjarra khubsurti ka

The Indian Drama Pinjarra khubsurti ka

Pinjarra Khubsurti Ka (trad. Cage of beauty) is an Indian romantic television drama series premiered on August 24, 2020, and has so far aired on Colors TV. [1] The show stars Riya Sharma and Sahil Uppal. The story revolves around a beautiful girl named Mayura Dubey, who hates that people only care about her beauty and not her abilities or achievements. Her only wish in her life is to get out of the cage of her beauty and be loved by who she is.

Details of Pinjarra khubsurti ka

Director: Arshad Khan
Written by: Shrinita Bhomik, Bhavana Vyas
Editor : Jatish Narayan Ghadi
Opening theme : Ae Pinjara
Starcast: Riya Sharma, Sahil Uppal
Producers: Saurabh Tiwari
Production Company: Parin Multimedia
Production locations: Mumbai
Genre: Drama, Romance
Channel Network: Colors TV
Original release: August 24, 2020 – present
Language:  Hindi
Country; India
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How to Watch the Drama Pinjarra khubsurti ka

The Indian Drama Pinjarra khubsurti ka

Watch Pinjarra khubsurti ka with just some clicks; the user can also watch Pinjarra khubsurti ka in HD video. This is An interesting Drama Serial with Love and Possessiveness. That is, you can watch the Pinjarra khubsurti ka, Download Voot online from the website or watch it on Colors TV.

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More About Pinjarra khubsurti Ka


Omkar “Omi” Shukla is the monarch of the marble industry. For him, beauty is everything. He wants a beautiful wife, but his destiny is not to get love from her. Omkaar, who writes his future and gets what he wants, decides to win the beauty and love of his wife. That’s when he meets Mayura and wants her to be his wife. He has a backward and terrifying mindset that believes that beauty must be protecting.


Mayura refuses to marry Omkar. He creates trouble for Mayura’s family to pressure her into marrying him, but her mother blames her for causing all of her problems. Mayura sees Omkar’s brother Piyush, the opposite of Omkar, and loves her for who she is more than her outward beauty. Although, Mayura and Omkar get married. Mayura dreams of becoming a doctor, so Omkaar opens a clinic for her and maintains the condition of only women. This angered Mayura, and she sought work in hospitals. Omkaar calls her to the hospital and asks them to reject her by giving enough donations to her staff. Mayura decides to leave Omi, but he keeps her captive in a golden cage.


On the other hand, Mayura becomes suspicious when she sees an unwanted security camera outside the mansion. Mayura lashes out at Raghav when she tries to push him away from Omkar. Mayura discovers that Vishakha’s forensic reports realize that it was fabricating with false data. She shares the news with her sister because she is suspicious. Mayura is trying to change course by removing ACP Raghav from the case, hoping the new officer will speed up the investigation. However, his attempt to find Mayura seems frustrated when the police come looking for him. Raghav saves Omkar by protecting him from the shot and is injured. When Mayura begins to trust Raghav, Omkar is sure that it was all just a plot devised by him. In an attempt to learn more about Raghav’s ulterior motives, Mayura hatches a new plan with the help of Manjeri and gets him drunk.

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